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Do you dream of discovering the soul of the American West? Are you looking for a personal sanctuary? Either way, the Stone House is your journey's end. We’re on the historic main street of a 125-year-old mining town, at 5300 feet elevation. Here, you'll find comfort, hospitality, and undisturbed historical treasures surrounded by natural beauty.

Does your soul hunger for more than chicken soup? The Stone House offers you a magical opportunity —a chance to step back into a simpler time and discover things long forgotten.

  Inspired by historic lodgings in France, The Stone House is welcoming and affordable--perfect for wanderers and wonderers of every stripe. If you've got a yearning for a hearty breakfast, the Silver Saddle cafe is conveniently located right down the street. Follow the creeks into the nearby mountains and you'll find treasure wherever you look, from stunning natural vistas to old mining camps. Stroll around town and marvel at buildings that are only a few decades younger than the civil war. And if you just want to sit back and do nothing, we've got that too.
The Stone House