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"As in old times they who dwelt on the heath remote from towns were backward to adopt the doctrines which prevailed there, and were therefore called heathen in a bad sense, so we dwellers in the huckleberry pastures, which are our heath lands, are slow to adopt the notions of large towns and cities and may perchance be nicknamed huckleberry people."

---Henry David Thoreau

    features   rates      
        Full bathroom with very large antique bath, full kitchen, large open floorplan and sleeping loft. Approx. 750 sq. ft. Occupancy: one to four.*   Nightly Weekly Monthly  
Upstairs Suite   $80 call call
  Tax (included)


    Downstairs Suite   European bathroom w/shower, partial kitchen with full-sized refrigerator, day-studio and sleeping room. Approx. 570 sq. ft. Occupancy: one or two.**   $55 call call  
Tax (included) ($3.56)    
      * over two occupants $10 additional per night  
        contact/reservations ** over one occupant $10 additional per night  
        The Stone House *** includes heat and electric  
        PO Box 38    
        Basin, MT 59631    
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